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  • DuMont Buchverlag (Germany)
  • Iperborea (Italy)
  • Solbitkil (South-Korea)


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About the book

People have roamed throughout Europe for a million years. From the mysterious homo antecessor that left its footprints on the coast of England, to the traveller on today’s motorways. Under every footstep lies an older one, under every paved road a pack trail or wagon rut, under every footpath the prints of a hunter or prey. And yet, the long through roads of Europe do not hold a special place in the imaginations and identities of its residents. Why does the European have such an ambivalent relationship with the long roads of her continent? In search of the answer to that question, Mathijs Deen follows in the footsteps of the refugees, bandits, pilgrims, fortune seekers and conquerors who found their way along the coasts, rivers and roads of Europe, and tells their stories.

From prehistoric times and the Roman Era, through the Middle Ages to the Europe of today. From the Strait of Gibraltar to Stockholm,  from Rome to Boekelo. Down Old Roads is an adventurous journey through Europe and a fascinating trip through time.