Recent submissions / Anaïs van Ertvelde & Heleen Debruyne – Dirty Sheets

Anaïs van Ertvelde & Heleen Debruyne – Dirty Sheets

Anaïs van Ertvelde & Heleen Debruyne – Dirty Sheets

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About the book

Sex is everywhere. On television, on the streets, on social media – there’s no escaping it. Entwined bodies, suggestive half-open mouths and sex games flash past all the time. We Westerners must therefore be liberated, truly free to do as we like with our bodies.

For a long time Anaïs Van Ertvelde and Heleen Debruyne agreed, but then they increasingly started to notice that their desires clashed with established norms, well hidden but all the more persistent for that.

In this book they show that our supposed sexual freedom is an illusion. They explore history, culture and science, and their own experiences, to discover the things that restrict our bodies, in the hope of finally moving on from unnecessary embarrassment.

These adventurous essays tackle such questions as:

Why porn turns us on but we still insist on erasing our search history
Why women hide their tampons
Why we never learned how a clitoris actually worked during Sex Ed.
Why people think virgins have a hymen & more…


Anaïs Van Ertvelde (b. 1988) is a historian at the University of Leiden, where she researches the history of social movements where they relate to the body, disability and gender.

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Heleen Debruyne (b. 1988) works for Radio Klara and writes for De Morgen and Humo. Her debut De plantrekkers was published to critical acclaim.

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Additional book information

  • Essays
  • ISBN 9789023473800
  • Number of pages: 224
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: € 19,99
  • English sample available