Daan Heerma van Voss / Daan Heerma van Voss – The Land 32

Daan Heerma van Voss – The Land 32

Daan Heerma van Voss – The Land 32

About the book

A young man wakes up in a bare, nameless hospital. Who is he? What is he doing here? He cannot remember anything. On the wall are two security cameras that may of may not be working. Nothing else. A little later he finds a serving tray in his room with a few items on it, including a pencil, three sheets of paper and a note: ‘4.000 words by tomorrow. That’s the deal. Write. Only then will you be given food. Friday.’

The building has two other occupants: the guard Friday and the sick girl Penny Lane. Stanley can obtain food vouchers by writing stories and distracting Penny from her illness. He produces story after story, with recurring motifs: a staircase with a man and a woman, names from well-known films, songs and novels. Snippers of memories of life before the hospital come back.

One of the most promising and ambitious writers of his young generation. - NRC Handelsblad

If you want to be astonished by a contemporary novel, take some time off, sit down on the sofa and lose yourself in the maze that pushes '32' to the limit. **** - Cuttingedge.be

A terrific novel. [...] Daan Heerma van Voss is a compelling novelist . - HUMO


Daan Heerma van Voss (b. 1986) is the author of the novels Een zondagsman (A Sunday Man), nominated for the Anton Wachter Prize (2011),  Zonder tijd te verliezen (With No Time To Lose, 2012), De Vergeting (The Forgetting, 2013), 70 (2013), Het land 32 (The Land 32, 2014) nominated  for the Cutting Edge Award and the Halewijn Prize. He also writes regularly for de Volkskrant and De Morgen. In 2012 he was awarded De Tegel, a prize for outstanding journalistic writing. His articles have appeared in the Vogue (USA), HaaretzSvenska Dagbladet and The New York Times.

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Additional book information

  • fiction
  • ISBN 9789023485391
  • Number of pages: 544
  • World rights: De Bezige Bij
  • Price: € 19,90